Barbel on Lure

Had a great session with my newly purchase Mad Pumpkin Barbel Lure. It was my second time doing this type of fishing and I must say it definitely some of my best fishing yet. The first time I caught 5 Barbel about two hours. The next trip I landed 3 Barbel of which the biggest was around 7kg. I will definitely do this again. The venue was Doornivier Dam,

Watch the Video:

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  1. I am an avid Barbel fisherman and I came across your video while researching different barbel fishing methods I could try this summer. I fish mainly on the Vaal river and am definitely giving the mad pumpkin a try as soon as I can. What I am curios to know is what techniques you use. Do you just plonk it up and down or do you cast and retrieve? Also do you have to be able to know exactly where the fish is and then drop the lure down onto it or do you just try your luck until you get a bite? It would be great to have your feedback. Thanks!

    • Hi

      I mostly plonk, I have done some casting, but with no success. You don’t need to see the fish, I normally look for some trees in the water which have birds or nest in them and the I plonk right below it. I have also had success plonking in open water. The water I fish in is normally half an meter to about 2 meters deep. As you can see in the movie I plonk it one to three times and then you should make quite a splash/noise with your rod tip. Patience is definitely needed for this type of fishing.

      Hope this helps

      Frikkie Botha

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