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Laurent Kotze, PB Bass

This past weekend myself and a couple of mates decided to have a bit of a bass comp between us. We split into to teams with the one team consisting of Laurent Kotze and Estiaan Ferreira, lets call them team “Harlem Shake” and the other of myself and Jannie Coetzee “Team Chutney”. We fished from two small boats rigged with trawling motors and we would be fishing for about 3 hours. The prize was a six pack of beer for each team member of the winning team. The rules were simple, 3 biggest fish per boat. We kicked off at around 09:30 and from the start the fishing was tough. The private venue we were fishing was overgrown with weed and it made it difficult to fish and to navigate with the little trawling motors. After about 30 minutes of fruitless everts “Team Harlem Shake” decided to go in search of weed less waters towards the middle of the dam. There decision soon paid of when Laurent landed a good size bass and his personal best of 1.7kg. Myself and Jannie continued on struggling to get into a rhythm. We had a take every now and them, but we just couldn’t set the hook. Laurent “Big Bass” Kotze soon landed another bass and we could feel the pressure. I decided to return some stress to their side with jumping and screaming every 5 minutes or so pretending we had landed another one. After about two and a half hours I eventually landed a bass and we were at least on the score board. Laurent “Big Bass” Kotze landed another bass bringing their total to three. At the end of the day “Team Harlem Shake” took the honors of first place with a bag of close to 3kg’s. I would like to take this opportunity to challenge them to a rematch at a dam of their choice.


Frikkie Botha



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