This indigenous beauty is found throughout the Eastern Cape and is especially targeted by fly fishermen in our river systems. There are many different species of yellowfish, but the one most common in the Eastern Cape is the smallmouth Yellow fish (Labeobarbus aeneus). Rated as one of the strongest fighters in freshwater, they are a favorite among fly fishermen. Using a 4/5wt fly rod, yellowfish can give you a good beating in a stream and can grow to an excess of 5kg, but are normally much smaller. Smallmouth Yellowfish breed in spring trough to midsummer spawning on gravel beds. Baits used when targeting yellowfish includes: earthworm, crickets, corn, dough (pap) and almost any insect or meaty bait. It’s a fact that green florescence powder attracts yellowfish and good results can be obtained when mixing it with your ground feed and bait.  These fish are also fished very effectively on artificial lures such as small spinners and small crank baits. Although not really under threat in the Eastern Cape, pollution do pose a threat to them in some parts of the country. There are various conservation projects in place to ensure the well-being of the fish. Smallmouth Yellowfish should be treated with the necessary respect and catch and release should be practice were possible.


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