Trout was first introduced in the late 1800’s and are not a indigenous species. They are widely spread throughout South Africa with some of the best trout waters located right here in the Eastern Cape. Trout needs moving water to spawn in and do so on gravel beds in rivers. Spawning season is from around May through to September. You mainly get two different species here in the Eastern Cape namely the Brown Trout and the Rainbow Trout of which the Rainbow is the most common. The Rainbow Trout is the bigger of the two and the South African record is somewhere in the region of 7+kg.The brown trout is less common, but extremely clever and definitely the more difficult of the two to catch. They are also the stronger of the two when it comes to fighting. Trout are mostly targeted using the fly-fishing method. Flies differ in shapes, colours and sizes and are mostly base on actual insects in and around dams and rivers. Here in the Eastern Cape we have many stocked trout dams which are most privately owned and/or is managed by the local fly-fishing club. The trout for these dams are obtained from trout hatcheries. Although trout is not a indigenous fish and is not endangered it is always a good idea to practice catch and release.      

 Rainbow TroutBrown Trout

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